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Before choosing your first surf skate- these are the basics you need to know



  1. Surf skates are a relatively new invention, but they’re quickly growing in popularity
  2. There are three different types of surf skates – Wave Skate, Freestyle Skate, and Cruiser Skate
  3. Wave skate’s design is based on the traditional longboard and has less wheel contact with the ground than other two styles
  4. A freestyle skate is designed for tricks and stunts and can be used as a cruiser skate too
  5. Cruiser skates have more wheel contact with the ground than wave or freestyle boards because they’re built to go faster
  6. When choosing your first board think about what you want to do with it – will you use it primarily for cruising or tricks/stunts/etc.? Which type of board best suits those needs (wave, cruiser, freestyle)? How much money do you want to spend on your first board (under $100-$300)? What size should I get (smaller = easier to maneuver; larger = better stability) ? Do I need any other gear like protective pads and gloves before buying my first board (yes!) ?

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